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The campaign printed news releases and posters for them and sent drivers across the state to ferry them to the event.

The veterans said they would have expressed their outrage even if Allen's campaign hadn't helped.

Beyond that, however, I can’t find much to agree with here.

First: His observation that Clinton fails to understand that “the biggest divide in American politics is no longer between the right and the left, but between the anti-establishment and the establishment? The biggest divide – and Hillary clearly understands this well – has never been between the right and left. Bernie Sanders especially echoed this sentiment in his campaign.

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The women said they decided among themselves to come forward and then contacted the Allen camp.Second: Reich, who was secretary of Labor in the Bill Clinton administration, complains that Hillary is “going after moderate voters.” But is there something wrong with reaching out to moderates? And the follow up question is: how can we help her?Of course, her campaign and the broad coalition that supports her should reach out to “first time” and “stay-at-home” voters – not to mention register new voters, too.window.sbbop Loaded){ var sbbop_modal = create Modal(modal); if (sbbop_modal !By Warren Fiske and Dale Eisman The Virginian-Pilot RICHMOND - A group of retired female military officers said Wednesday that being among the first women to attend the U. Naval Academy was hard enough in the late 1970s and Jim Webb made it far worse. George Allen this fall, offered no apologies Wednesday for the content of the essay but said, "to the extent that my writing subjected women at the academy or the active armed forces to undue hardship, I remain profoundly sorry."The women said Webb's article reflects sexual bias and subjected them to incessant verbal hazing from male m idshipmen after its publication."It was from the time we walked out of our dorm in the morning until the time we were allowed to go to bed at night, " Brooks said of the harassment.

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