Truth about updating gps maps

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I finally got it to switch over to the correct route which saved me about a half hour. I love how it shows me which lane to be in when a turn is coming up. If a wreck is up ahead it will notify you that traffic is coming and tell you how much time it will slow you down.

Upon recently selling a new 2009 Magna I was going thru my list of tricks and updates when I noticed CC changed Kenwood dash stereo models on us.

This model DNX7100 has a different SD card location making it easier to update as its hidden behind the color screen.

Even if the GPS unit isn't giving incorrect directions or not finding certain roads, it's a good idea to download and install Garmin's Express software on your computer when you're getting close to the 90-day mark because you can't go back and check for free updates after that.

Outside of the nu Maps Guarantee, you have to pay for any map updates you want to install on your GPS unit.

All updates purchased through Garmin must be installed through the Express software.

Remember that "Lifetime" in this case doesn't mean for your lifetime.

The package covers the lifetime of the product’s “useful life.” So if you buy another Garmin unit a few years later, you'll have to buy another nu Maps Lifetime package as Garmin doesn't allow you to transfer that package to another person or product.

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