Symantec endpoint protection management server not updating

Can anyone with experience give me an idea of cost per license for 250-500 Kaseya Labtechsoft N-Able i just get the feeling you purchase it then they figure out extra costs that would all mount up.

So instead of speaking to sales people who all say "Yes" to everything i would prefer to hear from people with real experiences who aren’t paid for their point of view! for Labtechsoft yet they seem to sell them per license cheaper than what ive been quoted for 250?

Pair that with a basic form of malware protection and you might just end up covering 80% of your security needs. If you're an SMB with limited resources (and perhaps close to none IT personnel), then I'd lean towards a fully managed OOB solution (like Bitdefender).

If you're a Windows-only Enterprise or Government organization, then I'd lean towards a secured Active Directory domain environment (ie.

The solution includes both a "Server" application (ie.

to deploy on your application server) and a "Client" counterpart (ie. Not only, you can even get the client "for free", by simply downloading the Trial version of the entire Microsoft Endpoint Protection 2012 suite (trial refers to the Server Application).

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I’ve been researching heavily into MSP software and each product has its positives and negatives, the only thing i cant quite seem to figure out is how much the MSP software really costs?

To install System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection on Windows Server 2012 proceed as follows: Now, apart from what's moral and what's not, Microsoft highly likely wishes you to "give it a go" (at their own Security solutions).

Despite glorious bugs that made glowing news during the previous decade, Microsoft takes a serious stand when it comes to Security. For one, by constantly releasing Windows "Security Updates".

Points ive found interesting-Connect wise seems to have partnered up with Labtechsoft-Everyone says dont listen to the sales people because it takes a while to setup-labtechsoft claim they are cheaper than N-Able but N-Able offer huge discounts-N-able uses Linux (more likely to be secure)-Labtechsoft runs on Windows Server OS-N-able uses its own proprietary Java remote access yet seems slow compared to logmein Ive seen costs Per Machine license in the U. I'd understand the prices if they had localised support but???

I think in this day an age VNC is an unacceptable remote access method considering what options are out there these days.

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