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I noticed something funny when comparing the Japanese dogbone and the US dogbone side to side.

The Japanese dogbones have three foot controller cords, which is a pathetically short length by US standards.

[ Continue reading this morning (… AM…) with a special package delivery, shipped express from Japan.

I quickly signed for it and dove into the box with earnest.

It turns out that one of the 18 used games that came with my AV Famicom was none other than the Japanese version of (“Evil Bells”) over there.

To the average High School- or College-level student, the PRGM key is one that goes woefully unused (unless in conjunction with the 2ND key, so as to draw inappropriate images for your friends, or in conjunction with the ALPHA key, to use the letter ‘C’ in inappropriate messages for your friends).

Pushing it reveals an esoteric “EXEC – EDIT – NEW” interface, and, really, who needs homebrewed Prgms when you’ve got Mirage OS and a rousing game of Tetris?

-like pieces, except that some of the pieces contain — surprise — bombs.

Every time you complete a horizontal line, all the bombs in the line explode. Well either track down an original copy of the cart (worth having), or perhaps find it through other means.

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