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In the Mozarabic Liturgy, on the contrary, Matins are made up of a system of Antiphons, Collects, and Versicles which make them quite a departure from the Roman system.From the foregoing it is clear that Matins remains the principal Office of the Church, and the one which, in its origin, dates back the farthest, as far as the Apostolic ages, as far even as the very inception of the Church.As a rule they suggest the symbolic signification of this Hour (see No. This principal form of the Office should be distinguished from the Office of Sunday, of Feasts, and the ferial or week day Office. The same Liturgy has also preserved Vigils of long psalmody.

The Ambrosian Liturgy, better perhaps than any other, has preserved traces of the great Vigils or pannychides , with their complex and varied display of processions, psalmodies, etc. The two most characteristic features of the Benedictine Matins are: the Canticles of the third Nocturn, which are not found in the Roman Liturgy, and the Gospel, which is sung solemnly at the end, the latter trait, as already pointed out, being very ancient.Notwithstanding this, however, the Vigils, in their strictest sense of Divine Office of the Night, were maintained and developed.Among writers from the fourth to the sixth century we find several descriptions of them.In the modern Roman Liturgy, Matins, on account of its length, the position it occupies, and the matter of which it is composed, may be considered as the most important office of the day, and for the variety and richness of its elements the most remarkable.It commences more solemnly than the other offices, with a psalm (Ps.

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