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Contrary to what the name may imply, the so-called rules of the internet are not laws enforceable by any official authority. The early rules of the internet reflected the nature of 4chan at the time: raw, new, anonymous, and widely used by younger males with nerdy interests, like anime and gaming.

Rather, they are a series of in-jokes, guidelines, and references related to internet culture as it was in the early 2000s. As the internet expanded and evolved, the rules of internet evolved with it, leading some users to think the rules are dramatically out of date.

A user of satirical wiki Encyclopedia Dramatica has been hit with libel damages of £10,000 in England, UK, after posting untrue accusations of paedophilia and mocked-up sex photos featuring a former Labour councillor on the site.

Neither of the defendants engaged with the court process, filed any responses or responded to documents served on them – but the material quietly vanished.Full of savagely offensive material, ED has been a mainstay of a certain subset of internet users since at least the early 2000s.Smith, who uses the online aliases Matthew Hopkins (as in the sadistic Witchfinder General from English history) and Vordrak, noticed that in May this year, Like ICare and Kiwi Dynastia had “amended various articles [on ED] to state that the Claimant was a paedophile and a child rapist”.“Information has, apparently, been given to the Claimant by third parties which has enabled him to identify the individuals concerned.He explains that he has addresses and mobile (cell phone) telephone numbers.” However, Smith seemingly did not extend the same offer to Kiwi Dynastia.

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