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With anchovies and fresh frozen squid on board, we headed out just a couple miles outside the Federal Breakwater, where Captain Gabriel Ceballos metered some barracuda, and ordered Deck Boss Thomas Dunkerley to throw bait.

We didn’t see any gar crash the surface, but there was a lot of fish on the meter.

Owing to my parents' immigrant status, the holidays weren't a big deal in our home.

Usually, on Christmas, I'd either get a bill or a new book. However, watching people go nuts to buy stuff during the holidays always amazed us!

The latest incarnation of "Survivor: Cook Islands" where the teams are divided by ethnicity.

I like to call the show "Survivor: KKKoo K Isands" but somehow I can't stop watching it.

The barracuda had popped up off Long Beach earlier that morning, so we were hoping they would pop back up for us night fishermen.

However, as usual, I've got some random things on my mind so I thought I'd spew them out all at once. Then, he proceeds to tell me about how he and his whole family dress up in costume and speak in medieval tongue EVERY weekend.

He was a really nice guy so we started shooting the shit about non-work related topics. You know, spend a few hours outdoors, drink a few beers, watch a joust.

By the way, speaking of dictionaries, I'm currently obsessed with my new favorite word, "ersatz." I've been trying to use it in conversation lately but have been totally spazzing out so I thought I'd put it here on the internet.

The sun was still fairly high in the sky as we boarded the Native Sun at Berth 55 in Long Beach, CA.

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