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For example, an MP3 encoded at a constant bitrate of 128 kbit/s would result in a file approximately 9% the size of the original CD audio.

Also designed as a streamable format, segments of a transmission can be lost without affecting the ability to decode later segments.

In December 1988, MPEG called for an audio coding standard.

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who chaired the ISO MPEG Audio group for several years.

Stoll (IRT Germany), later known as psychoacoustic model I) and a real time decoder using one Motorola 56001 DSP chip running an integer arithmetics software designed by Y. During the development of the MUSICAM encoding software, Stoll and Dehery's team made a thorough use of a set of high quality audio assessment material selected by a group of audio professionals from the European Broadcasting Union and later used as a reference for the assessment of music compression codecs .

The subband coding technique was found to be efficient, not only for the perceptual coding of the high quality sound materials but especially for the encoding of critical percussive sound materials (drums, triangle, ..) due to the specific temporal masking effect of the MUSICAM sub-band filterbank (this advantage being a specific feature of short transform coding techniques).

It was primarily designed for Digital Audio Broadcasting (digital radio) and digital TV, and its basic principles disclosed to the scientific community by CCETT (France) and IRT (Germany) in Atlanta during an IEEE-ICASSP conference in 1991, together with Radio Canada and CRC Canada during the NAB show (Las Vegas) in 1991.

The implementation of the audio part of this broadcasting system was based on a two chips encoder (one for the subband transform, one for the psychoacoustic model designed by the team of G. The simplicity of the corresponding decoder together with the high audio quality of this codec using for the first time a 48 k Hz sampling frequency, a 20 bits/sample input format (the highest available sampling standard in 1991, compatible with the AES/EBU professional digital input studio standard) were the main reasons to later adopt the characteristics of MUSICAM as the basic features for an advanced digital music compression codec.

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