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I try on the new things I like, come out and show you.then you follow me back into the dressing room and you me while we watch ourselves in the mirror.Nothing else cushioned her from that slamming motion, and her whole body rocked with each urgent thrust.Finally her eyes were closed, and her rosy lips had begun puff out and quiver like a wounded bird. Carl was in control now, and his next move surprised me.This was one of her basic subconscious urges when it came to sex -- to do dirty things, and yet somehow remain a good girl.She must have settled on this formula to keep her sanity when she did this truly dirty thing -- fucking another man in front of her lover.In fact, from my vantage point -- they had both insisted I sit on the sofa right next to them -- I could see that it was Anja who began moving first, thrusting her pelvis up at him, urging him on.Finally, he began to slide in and out of her, and her moans began to get louder.

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The only part of him that touched her now was his cock.Her chest rose and fell in time with her shallow panting -- she was clearly as excited as I was.But, to my surprise, her eyes were not gazing at her new lover, nor closed as they usually are when we make love. The look of love in her eyes was my savior just then.I felt her connection to me, and it became alright.Once it was all the way inside her pussy, Carl's cock stayed perfectly still in her pussy for almost a minute, though her low moans indicated that Carl was making some subtle movements, probably probing her cervix in ways that my slightly shorter tool had never done.

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