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For now, there is very little hard information on the Web waves. Which is exactly what happened despite the debt limit because the “ceiling” got raised about a hundred times though the 20 so that the accumulated debt stands around trillion.Rational people recognize this trillion for the supernatural scale of obligation it represents, and understand that it will never be paid back, so, what the hell?

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When truth and reality become de-linked, a society literally doesn’t know what it is doing.

And Hillary is the first leading contender for the highest office with a possible indictment looming over her.

Yes, it’s really there percolating on the FBI’s front burner. The 20th Anniversary edition With an entertaining new introduction by the author Bargain Price .99 Amazon Kindle …or … Kobo Support this blog by visiting Jim’s Patreon Page!

Likewise, regarding the Citizens United Supreme Court’s decision that equated arrant corporate bribery of public officials with “free speech;” Mr.

Obama (a constitutional lawyer by training) had a range of remedies at his disposal, foremostly working with the then-majority Democratic congressional leadership to a new and clearer definition of so-far-alleged corporate “personhood,” its duties, obligations, and responsibilities to the public interest — and its limits! Obama fail to act then, but nobody in his own party even coughed into his-or-her sleeve when he so failed. The effects of all this fundamental dishonesty have thundered through our national life to the degree that American society is now divided into the swindlers and the swindled, loosing the monster of collective Id known as Trump on the public.

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