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I did experience a renewed rational interest toward normal women and even looking at my wife differently but reverted to my porno for satisfaction.

I had radiation and seed implantation for prostate cancer, stage one, and now have dry ejaculation but have recovered to defeat the cancer.

I also have the genetic flaw of bph so it further complicates my urinating and sexual performance.

I finally stopped it but couldn't find a change in my behavior.

i usually do it at least twice a day I am 63 and have been a chronic masturbator all my life starting at 11 before I could even ejaculate.

I had a healthy sex life in college and married very young at 21 and am still married to the same lady many years later.

Since you are 63 and i must say that it is very long time. If you go for 3 week or 1 month then you can do it : D for those who are here and trying to stop masturbating.

I Think should have realize every time you try to stop masturbation that what will happen if you stop wont stop you. The first thing i will recommend you guys to find your fear first of not stopping masturbation.

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