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Telstra head office is the Telstra Corporate Centre located at 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Australia.formed in 1901 as a result of Australian Federation.On 1 February 1992, it was merged with Australia's domestic telecommunications carrier, the Australian Telecommunications Corporation Limited ("Telecom"), to create the Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation Limited (AOTC).The new organisation underwent a corporate identity review and was subsequently renamed Telstra Corporation Limited ("Telstra") for international business in 1993 and domestic business in 1995.These designs include new displays, accessory shops, digital tickets and free baristas.109 of Telstra's stores are owned and operated by Vita Group, a publicly listed company with a market capitalisation of approximately 0m (June 2016).Telstra estimated that its digital program will provide productivity benefits of 0 million in the 2013 financial year from lower printing costs, decreasing commissions to third parties, and reduced dependence on call centre staff.

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The name "Telstra" is derived from the word Telecom Australia (TEL from Telecom and STRA from Australia).Telstra once retained ownership of the fixed-line telephone network, But since the nationwide upgrade to the National Broadband Network (NBN) The Australian Government now has legal ownership of these lines, Though Telstra has played a big part in this upgrade supplying resources to the government, which has earned Telstra priority on the new network.Telstra also has pay TV and data cable network Foxtel.It doesn't have unlisted numbers (aka silent numbers), or mobile numbers (they start with 04).The CD-ROM is quite rare, sometimes selling on e Bay for 0 They might have their name on a website, either personal, education or work-related.

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