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Zavros has been the recipient of several international residencies including a 2017 residency at PACC in Shanghai, the Australia Council Greene Street Studio, New York in 2015, and the Australia Council Barcelona studio in both 20, and the Australia Council Milan studio residency in 2001.In 2003 he was awarded a Cite International des Arts Residency in Paris through the Power Institute, University of Sydney.In 2008, he was awarded a three-month residency, at Artspace Sydney.

will also be screening in 2018 in the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery’s durational film programme that is dedicated to long-format moving image works (of at least four hours running time) that are screened twice annually on the longest and shortest days in December and June.

BIOBorn in Brisbane in 1974, Michael Zavros is a leading Australian artist.

His work has been exhibited in major museums and galleries throughout Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

In we see a stylish arrangement of two beautiful things - an ionic column juxtaposed with a famous koru painting by Gordon Walters.

Zavros evokes the cultural politics of New Zealand in the 90s (the controversial appropriation debates), but having prompted them, he moves on leaving us with a beautifully rendered fictional interior located within his wider project, highlighting the way his paintings operate as objects of desire for collectors.

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