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On the other hand, children in urban areas were taught the Quran until the age of ten, after which the family would celebrate al khatma, the end of memorizing the Quran."Most women do not go out of their houses except on rare occasions. Of course, women are completely secluded from men, they have their own social gatherings and parties. [...] Radio and newspaper are the women's only link with the outside world." The first formal girls' school in Qatar was opened in 1955, three years after the opening of the first boys' school.Prior to the school's establishment, the only form of education that existed for women was religious education.

It is believed that Qatari women began using face masks in the 19th century amid substantial immigration.

The first was al-moradah, which involved women and girls of all social classes gathering in a secluded area in the desert where they would sing and dance in embroidered clothes.

This was usually done in the weeks preceding Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The second occasion of collective public singing is known as al-ashori, which refers to performances during weddings.

Females accounted for more than 50% of the university's personnel in 2008.

Women and men are expected to dress in a manner that is modest, but the dress code is generally driven by social customs and is more relaxed in comparison to other nations in the region.

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