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But I can’t help but wonder what could be holding him back”.Let me sidebar for a moment to emphasize an earlier point made about the complications of single parenting and how a single dad must balance the expectations of his ex, his kids, and his girlfriend.Or the mom may turn unsupportive, critical, or demeaning about daddy and his ‘new friend’ and their relationship.She could become less flexible to unforseen changes in the visitation schedule or choose not to help in the logistics of co-parenting.But what really got my attention from her note, and the motivation for this post, is how she started her email: “I can understand your need to want to meet his children as I think it may signal a level of commitment to you and the relationship, that you are ‘known,’ and he is interested, etc.And while I can appreciate that, I would ask you to look at it from the children’s perspective.Note how he assured her that the children and the mother know about her.

Am I willing to place that very high bet on bringing my girlfriend and my kids together when I likely know where the cards will fall?I recommend introducing/meeting children only when both people believe the relationship has staying power and are in it for the long haul.” Here’s what I hope this woman, and anyone else reading this, understands. It will have a lasting impact on them even if you think otherwise.My kids still remember my first long term relationship after my divorce.Divorce complicates everything; is it any wonder God, and everybody else, hates it.While I get these women don’t want to feel like they are wasting time and energy with a man who is choosing not to share an important part of his life.

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