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Philadelphia seems to have been one of the worst sufferers from the plague, and the city is visited by the worst epidemic it has felt since the grippe of 1898. No action has been taken to draw the attention of the authorities to these germ collectors, but it nevertheless is a topic of general discussion. Sale has been away from the Broadway vaude- ville houses for some time but he has not been forgotten. COLONIAL Attendance at the Colonial Tuesday evening was very light Nevertheless all the acts went over nicely and what the audience lacked In quantity was made up In appreciation. Do not let them scatter their energies and distribute their tal- ents over so wide a field as to have no weight in any one. -'■'■.'■, '.v';';*''"^-." ''.-..'-.; "'.'•: V: : ; : "••...-. |oj Mi theatrical representative ■ ■ "■* "i' C • ' :' ' . With the conclusion of the world conflict in sight and the resumption of normal financial conditions a man of Mayers' standing would have compar- atively little difficulty in promoting such a holding corporation. Probably for the first time in the theatrical record a house manager's report of an act playing his house was published in a daily paper. In the new deal, Marc Klaw and the estate withdrew, Erlanger inducing Charles Dillingham and Flo Ziegfeld "to take a piece" of the Colonial under the new lease. If the Palais Royal has a coveur Charge and a menu card that allows no other to rank it in the price list, then it's worth the money, to see those Ben Deeley and Co. The Morgans left New York for Montreal Tuesday night. Billy was formerly connected with the Broadway Music Corp. The Major-- replied -'the =C*rps v.■,■;•■'; .'i Vs.^i.-li/.'y-v-v Sitei VARIETY 21 .(BILLS NEXT WEEK (OCTOBER 7) In Vaudeville Theatre* (All bouses open for the week with Monday matinee, when not otherwise Indicated.) Agencies booking the bouses are noted by single name or Initials, such as "Orpb," Orpheum Circuit; "U B 0," United Booking Offices; "W V M A," Western Vaudeville Managers' Asso- ciation (Chicago); "P." Pontages Circuit; "Loew," Marcus Loew Circuit; "Moss." B. Moss; "Inter." Interstate Circuit (booking through W. Tbestrta listed as "Orpheum" without any further distinguishing description are on the Orpheum Circuit. It has been In THE FAYNES Touring Sooth African Theatres his family for thirty years and was never ex- ploited. COLONIAL (Rollo Timponl, mgr.).— Fred Stone, "Jack o' Lantern" (Gth week). Scanlon (New Acts) appearing two acts below him, but the choris- ters, Loan and the premiere of a vaudeville version of "Alma, Where Do You Live?

' Immediate co-operation with the health authorities was given by the theatre managers, not one word of objection being heard anywhere. Monday word was received here that a meeting was to be held in Allentown for the purpose of discussing the advisability of sending a protest to the State Health Board against the closing of theatres. Johnny Singer and his Dancing Dolls, two girls, were the opening number. Burns and Frabtts, "wops," playing man- dolin and guitar, interrupted by dialect side- walk crosstalk. ' This appeal extends to the leaders as well as the followers, to the chiefs as well as the subordinates, engaged in whatsoever branch of the industry; Let us coordinate all our work, producing, distributing, exhibiting, to the best of our mutual interests— which all the better elements of the trade are now trying to do — but let us avoid such a close unification that the exhibitor becomes wholly or partly a producer, or the producer slightly or extensively an exhibitor. He pro- moted the capitalization of as large a company as Sears, Roebuck & Co., the biggest mail order house in the world, and the name of Levy Mayer as the. It occurred Sunday when the "Sentinel" over the signature of Catherine Pan- nill Mead, printed Manager Charles Braun's verbatim report on Mayme Gehrue and Co., recently appearing here at the Miller theatre (Safe). What brought about the tilt of the Colonial rental is not known, but It is said a competitive bid was placed, with Erlanger determined to retain the house. (his wife, Bar- ara Lamar) did not open at the Palace, Chicago, Mondey. Deeley alleging his wife was ill and it was probably that or the "No. Walter Donaldson has given up song writing for a while to enter the Officers' Training Sy " Corps. Rose, one of the authors of "Oh, Johnnie," has placed a new song with Mc Carthy ft Fisher. has but one officially recognized number for the Corps, - "The Marines Hymn," printed but not pub- lished by a firm In New York. / The manner in which these bills are printed does not indicate the relative importance of acta nor their program positions. Recently an assay is said to have shown rich copper deposits. Murdock, Forkins, John and Irving Simon, Bert Cortel- you, Humphries, George Thomas (Longacre Construction Company), Harry W. " (New Acta) forced this arrangement much against the will of the management and the wishes of the "single singers." Morton aeemed In bad voice but managed to retain that excellent enunciation which with some lyrical pbrasea anent war condi- tions kept his score up to standard.

It has gotten to the stage when the spread of the plague has grown beyond the control of the health offi- cials, and all that can be done is to .exert the utmost and wait for an abatement of the disease. Even though their routine was brief, they drew excellent applause that insisted on a bow. Such an organization develops only from the principle of specialization. It is understood that, finding Marc and Abe both obdurate, Mayer sub- mitted to each in turn a proposition to organize a gigantic corporation, backed by middle west banking Interests, to take over the entire Klaw & Erlanger and allied theatrical holdings, paying the theatrical managers partly in cash and partly in stock of the holding company. Its idea and story are well known in burlesque from the frequent use of the same scheme there, but it has not been overdone in vaudeville. Higgins will have to cut down the running time, and interject more of himself. By flooding in the winter time it is con- verted into a skating rink. Beek- man, of House, Grossman & Vorhaus, is the counsel for the defense. "The Spice of Life" is the new Palais' Royal restaurant revue Paul Salvain has produced for his ultra-Broadway place, where the coveur charge is one dollar. : : Bcst: Songs ;'\if- .■■■■, ■ SENSATIONAL SONG SUCCESS Hi B. tier Bi - »er Bill a - bout « year ft* That lino of Hip - den- burgk would nev- er break you mid*' «. ' ■ ' " '.-': 33 : MAY BRILLIANT at "THE GIRL FROM OVER THERE" (Copyrighted) \ NEW YORK OPENING SOON I NORTH IN CANADA WHERE ITS COLD HE WAS A HIT The Audience Did Not Applaud to Keep Their Hands Warm, BUT Because They Enjoyed "The Sheriff of Hickville," with CHARLES ALTHOFF, said "THE FREE PRESS." HAYMARKET (Warren Irons, mgrs.).— Irons & damage stock burlesque. mgr.).— "Friendly Enemies," with AI Shean and Gus Weinberg (30th week). If vaudeville aud- iences will still take posing acts, they . The recalls for the old numbers were not as strong at the Palace as In some of the other bouses, but he earned two of three. His tark is along the same lines as before, though made more current, and the finish finds him In a strong patriotic appeal, with toasts to the Bucei-HB of the Entente In "Canning the Kaiser." Apdale's Circus of dogs, monks and bears , opened the show earlier than usual, the time schedule for the bouse opening being eight o'clock, 'ordered by the health chief. The Influenza ei'iiilemlcr largely " ngiired in" tbe' tailing" 'off. The Paullst Choristers are at the Colonial this week, opening the second part.

The situation here has become so bad the city is on the verge of a panic. A new line has been written into the playlet, the priest saying at one point that "even now our troops are sweeping towards the Rhine." Mang and Snyder opened In "one," and on close after eight. Drawing a little analogy, when the Famous Players studio burned down on September 11, 1914, the company could not have proceeded to rehabilitation if if did not have the loyalty of a splendid organization with special abilities. r.i-^."f;-,.-i-»i-T /•••'~v.-.- ...- Unsuccessful Efforts to Reconcile Marc Klaw and Abe Erlanger Possibly Leading to Levy Mayer of Chicago Promoting "Syndicate" Affiliations into Large Corporation. The presence in New York lately of Levy Mayer, the Chicago attorney, was generally conceded to be for the pur- pose of once more endeavoring to effect a reconciliation between Marc Klaw and A. Those closely allied with the heads of the theatrical syndicate feel that if Mayer, who enjoys the friendship and confidences of both parties, cannot re- adjust the estrangement, such a thing is well nigh impossible. The turn will likely be de- veloped as a laugh producer on the big time. The piano is assisted by the same old shaded lamp, but the setting won't make any difference to these girls — the audience will just like them. It is alleged the Susskinds tore up the various arbors, vines and orchards located, on the Blossom Heath Inn lots and built a concrete area in place of. In the summer, the space is used for lawn tennis courts. LUCIE LACOSTE IN A CLEVER AND FASCINATING COMEDY WRITTEN, PRODUCED AND STAGED BY HERSELF VARIETY " " . The poses were grace- ful and simple, sweet and rather ethe- real than sensational, though there was no reluctance to show bare skin and emphasized curves. Eddie Leonard and his eleven "spades" fol- lowed Miss Juliet with bis new act, "Dandy Dan's Return." Eddie Is doing more dancing this season and working as bard as ever. On second he ap- peared from a panel in a special drop, which first showed two famous past Presidents.

Howe Sam 17-19 Park Bridgeport 421 Colonial Providence RI. - "Liberty Girls" 14 Grand Hartford 21 Jacques Waterbury. Ethel Clifton and Co., with the acid war drama, 'The After- math," were nicely placed on third, for Cum- mlngs changed the pace after her with his nonsense. Cheap pictures are more easily made than good pictures because they do ■ not require the same amount of heart-breaking thought and energy, aside from the difference in. Opening in "one," there are the Janitor, the tout and a policeman, concerned for nine minutes. His routine is not amazing but what he does" is neatly, , expertly and for the most part performed in "time," that is he dances as he works and makes cer- tain "pats" with moving articles come into proper rhythm. If fram- ing a routine' of acrobatic work,, a3 fast as they can do it, and the girls come around again, they will look more like an act that may be able to keep away from small time. The friend, as the curtain goes up, is making himself at home. Its occu- pants, two women, enter, the bigger and more matured of the pair ap- pearing first and informing the friend of Rogers' she has especial busi- ness with the latter. to bring in her feminine friend, .rfone other than the comely young wife of Rogers' friend and who is seeking reconciliation..- Rogers learns of their presence, shoves the friend off-stage and proceeds to ascertain their, mis- sion. As a closing number they showed the audience how a rag time song and an operatic selection could be blended in the singing. Fowler had influenza, the old fash- Arthur Aldridge is the singer, but he's ioned kind . The third week it removed the charges and did also about ,000. When my dear old mother said, "Love one another," It seemed like a wonderful rule; And you're sweeter today than you were, dearie, When we went to Sunday School. The Dollys have drilled sailors for shows, have marched with marines, have auctioned off horses for military benefits, have played and visited at every post within a hundred miles, have sold Liberty Bonds on the streets. Warren Lemoa, recently manager of the Auditorium for W. Perhaps when it becomes entirely smooth the points will play with more snap and bang. Palace, Chicago (Sept 30).^ Mabel Perry, the Frisco Exposition model, assisted by Beulah La Rayo,; poses 12 pictures, representing the months in succession. Thirteen minutes isn't long for Dooley and Sales, and they should feel complimented at their show- Miss Juliet and Eddie Leonard shared show honors, with the edge going to the imper- sonator.

"Hip Hip Hurrah" 14 Columbia New York 21 Casino Brooklyn. The bit brought the glgglers out In bloom and sent Dooley off to much apnlaure and repeated "bows." Whiting and Burt opened after Intermission with anew ffroup of songs (New Acts), renew- ing their Palace popularity. The exhibitors have driven these concerns to the minor positions they occupy today, only because they recognized their power to obtain that product for less money. Not only did they lose in this respect, but they deprived themselves of a much bigger benefit by destroying a producing competition that would have exerted a much larger influence upon their business by creating a stimulus for better quality that only 'serious, competition can make certain. The rightful owner should be determined, since it is a valuable bit at the present time but cannot stand repetition by differ- ent acts. Wrothe a clamorous finish, something bis present turn could not have secured without it. To Robert Swann's credit he dances well and juggles better. Columbia (Sept; 29)^--~- ~-~~ -••-;- ;~~-~~ Acrobatic dancers who want to be singers and classical' dancers. Holman as the crabid, crusty, woman-hating, rapid-thinking, humorous as well as sarcastic replying old man is enter- taining an old friend from the city. The best number came next and their antics as two French- men in making a song production out of "Wee, Wee Marie" brought laughs and, applause. It's women and "clothes." Why try to make it 000 the following week. But, here Is the chorus— it's easy to read and worth reading: When your pa was preacher and my ma was teacher. Over my little hymn book I'd look at you; I caught you peeping, too. This is only one of dozens of "stunts" which Charles Hcrtzman and Nat Royster have been pulling for the success of "Oh, Look," which has been In on everything local in the newspapers and In person since the engage- ment, began. The local Dim houses, with one or two ex- ceptions, are barely making expenses. The act seem- ed to work rather creakily, too, as though, in spots, new stuff had been put in at the last moment. "The Calendar Girl." 1 " 12 rains.f Full Stage (Special Set). Just the same they tore off a fine bunch of laughs and sent the re- mainder of the bouse (there had been soms walking) out In good humor at 11.40.

"High Flyers" 14-15 Watertown 16-17 Oswego 18-19 Inter Niagara Falls N Y 21 Star To- ronto. For finishers, Johnny did the "Acrobatic Rag" and the Grecian "dancer," using Hockey to hold his "mantle" and to fall over. Can't you see that this result must follow 7 .i ..v-.u_,. Every exhibitor in the country will think immediately of at least three concerns that entered the business under very auspicious conditions and with a high quality product to present to the trade. It's the same recitation Willie Weston did around here some weeks ago. The bacheloric country quarters of old Bill Rogers are shown. Kranz and La Salle are dressed in silk tuxedos and start with a topical num- ber. They, next do a new popular song in double style and use a patter for the second chorus. frfff ,°T there "in the performance, you may criticise the show as a show, but no one will deny that "flash." And in the "flash" of clothes and .women, Paul Salvain has at last struck the actual germ of the real cabaret performance in a high grade restaurant. A close-up of the day when you were an innocent cut-up. Private Weston Burtls, at Camp Sheridan, Ala., expects a furlough shortly, when, he Rosle Dolly is seen nightly selling tickets in the La Salle box office until almost curtain time. Cortroy, like Joe Weber in the old Weber-Fields team, must be bullied to be effective, and, while he is surrounded with many visual and vocal horrors and dangers in the hew act, he is never sufficiently driven to play up in full his pitifully laughable propensities. It wasn't so easy at the Palace after an hour's Loan drive.

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"Leave It to Jane" has had such a long run of good business at the Chestnut Street Opera House that the show will very likely remain, and it is also possible that "The Masquerader" with Guy Bates Post will resume its run at the Adelphi. She is ably assisted at the piano by Jack Bennett, whose solo numbers were very well rendered." A "MAYTIME" CLOSED. The local critics did not hesitate to express their opin- ions of it. Albee has arranged to divert into the channels of the play- house in the next ten days of the drive new and attractive selling bills and novelties. (Written for Variety by the Publicity Department of the Liberty Loan Commit- tee, Second Federal Reserve District, by John Price Jones, Assistant Director of Publicity.) The cumulative effects of the Liberty Loan drive in the allied theatres are being evidenced in the totals of sub- scriptions. Major General Barnett put it Tory aptly the other night when he publicly told you that he thou git your song was wonderful and that it would he sung and whistled hy u V S. I wish you every success with this song, and- I confidently hope and expect that it win he one of the big song hits of the year. Only once did she reveal the mechanics of the changes by yanking at a hook Just bof ire sho stepped behind a screen. P a nclng formed the main prop of the River- side bill Monday night, with character Imi- tatlons lending able support There was a war sketch that flamboyantly swings Into a patriotic huzzah at tho finish. This one at the Riverside, while making a strong play away from the usual sconlc environment and war embellishment, strikes a discordant note in Its aim for naturalness. There was a quartet, two doubles and a single to hold up that section. The artiste may be of any or several nationalities. Tuesday night it was noticed they had developed Into a set of sanulne -hard boiled eggs and inquiry elicited Wk Information, it had been noted by the management that the patrons were growing harder to please. Shayno and bis partner, Joe Sully, woke them for a fow minutes, but even this act with proven laugh-producing capabilities failed to obtain Its due from the audience. re- placing her with the sketch, "A Regular Bual- neptm&n." . •--L'hope .thfciituati Qn-n^ver.develops to such: appoint. So,- does -^fivery .onc-;:- else who has analyzed the business and looks forward to a brighter future for it. _ Chris.— Bomo of too wild ones call mo the 1018 Sultan. It will be called "Flags of Freedom." Gub Kahn and Egbert Van Alstyne (Remick's) are working on their maiden musical comedy effort. "Tell That to the Marines" as a title Is In dispute between Waterson, Berlin ft Snyder, who appear to. Sherwln Kelly Kemp A Rolllnson Brown Sisters Tom Da vies Co Wilson Bros Martin Bros NATIONAL (loew) Sherwln Kelly Kemp A Rolllnson The Frescott B Brown Slster B Wilson Bros 2d half Geo A Lily Garden Beth Cballiss Calvin ft Thornton The Frescott B Jos K Watson * BOULEVARD (loew) Thompson A Berrl •"Kisses" Geo Rosener Lorimcr -Hudsnn -Tr- ■ (One to fill) 2d half Russell A De WItt Olbson A Hall Millard A Marlln Adele Oswald Geo Primrose Co AVE B (loew) •F A C La Tour •"After Ten Years" SPANISH INFLUENZA. Josle Heather waa one of the aids, and near the finish Roy Cummlngs vamped on with a fire axe.

The matter was taken before the managers' associa- tion at its meeting here Monday, but so far as could be learned no repre- sentative from this city attended the meeting. He Is a young ohap whi dances neatly In an Eton suit, doing some clever "Russians," pirouettes, spins, somersaults, etc The girls do several kinds of stepping, one of the number being the Bacchante in appropriate negligee. Their travesty French song and dance was a big hit The pair have materially Improved since last season. For then it will be nobody's business 1 Another important defect in the present relations between exhibitors and producers emanates from a tendency on the part of exhibitors in certain cities throughout the country to dominate the business of exhibitors in smaller sur-^ rounding communities, creating for themselves an artificial power over these smaller exhibitors, and in this manner limiting their choice of subjects. prime mover in, such an undertaking ") would go a long distance toward hav- ing the consolidation underwritten. It was headed "Copy of a confidential report 'sent to Seattle, Chicago and New York." The "Sentinel's" article was brought about through a story taking Miss Gehrue's version of her local engage- ment printed m the column of a no- torious press agenting paragrapher on a New York daily. 2 spot." Frank Mor- rell substituted, with his wife (Madge Adams) going on with him, her first big time stage experience. Substitution made by the Chicago office of the Orpheum Circuit. I Most of the big publishers are taking ad- vantage of the new outdoor theatre on Times square, '.'Liberty Hall," by sending down plug- gers to entertain the crowd. Havlland has taken on quite a few new writers In the last few weeks. number in Washington, Sept 22, before the Marine Corps. Edwards sang his song last Sunday also In Washington. * before name indicates act is hew, doing turn new to vaudeville, or appearing In city where listed for the first time. Splngold, Coney Holmes, Harry Weber, Tim Heeler and Tom Johnson. The syndicate has incorporated under the title of the Majestic Mining Company, a 0,000. Four added claims have been named for the two Simons, Forkins and Weber. Percy Atbos and Greta Read opened with their skatorlal exhibition, with neck and feet swings by the girl. Heretofore "Chappie" has always worked double or in a show or with a flocn /Of cuties around him, but "single" and follow- ing that long' period of the Loan he was ready, to cry "quits." But the cigar, the alphabetical reasoning and a monolog on women particularly plus personality and a southern accent turned the trick.

With the closing until further notice of all the places of amusement in this city until the epidemic has subsided no definite announcement can be made. Harry Carroll was warmly welcomed with his plans- log rendition of hl B own compositions. She 'seems to have broadened in the scope of her characterizations, getting away from her here- tofore single nasal intoning. Metropolis C M & s Circuit Metropolitan, - Bklyn ... Already there have been evidences of dictation tc the smaller exhibitors as to which pic- tures they should or should not be permitted to procure. It reflected upon Milwaukee as "a strong German city." Miss Mead placed the facts before her readers to set Milwaukee right. Grace De Mar canceled her^ engage- ment at the Orpheum, Kansas City, this week, and the remainder of her Orpheum time when refusing,to appear No. Gonne and Albert, at the Princess, Montreal, could not continue Tuesday thrnugh .illness. Feist is reported to have paid a big sum to the Mendol SL-obn Music Co., of Hoston, for' "The Rose of No Man's Land." Caddigan and Orennan are the writers. Among them are Eddie' Nelson and Bob Roden (for- merly writing partner of Teddy Morse). The longest title this year is on a Fred Fisher-Leo Edwards song, "Would You Rather Be a Colonel with an Eagle on Your Arm Than a Private with a Chicken on Your Knee? Sherwood, general manager of the Mo Klnley Music Co. While both firms make some claim to their number as "the official song of the Marine Corps," it is understood the U. New York palace (orpb) •Eddie ' Leonard Co ■Pelham Boys' Band 'Special Loan Act •Kalmer & Brown Dooley ft Sales ♦Juliet "Mr. Irving Simon's patch bears the picturesque name of "Irving's Hundred-to-One Shot." For- says that he stepped out of the Chicago agency offer because he stands Al in the draft and because he has been promised a franchise in New York, which he will accept as soon as bo is clear— If he doesn't get too rich on the mine meanwhile. A part of their routine in this respect Is similar to the former Rey- nolds and Donegan turn. girl Is a very hard worker, but might dig up a more at- tractive stage outfit (San shown Monday night Charley Grapewin and Anna Chance were third, with the usual laughing results and a little touch of nature at the finish that gives a tug at the heartstrings. Avellng has elevated his voice more, and the result is striking.

"Bobbie" Morrow, manager of the Trocadero, a burlesque theatre, died suddenly Oct. Tho Stampede Riders" succeeded in keeping the greater part of the house-to to the finish with ropo heaving, brono riding and a saucy mule Surprising in light of the gab in the turn at so late an hour. entrance, n manifestation the sisters were there before. The fact that this organization was equipped so perfectly and manned so well made it possible for~us to keep on the supply of pictures to exhibitors without a moment's interruption, thereby protecting him from loss or even inconvenience. the power of good to the exhibitor himself in supporting fully the plans and pol- icies of reputable producing companies. The tentative plants said to include the theatre and production invest- ments of all the syndicate allies, such as Al Hayman and Charles Frohman estates, Alf Hayman, Nixon & Zimmer- man, Rich and Harris estates, Ding- wall estate, Charles Dillingham, Cohan & Harris, David Belasco, Daniel Froh- man and the southern and western magnates. By many it was attributed to the Liberty Loan excitement./ Others thought the Spanish influenza epide- mic might have kept many away. But it is Janitor Higgins who is funny in this act and it must be Janitor Higgins who is to the fore all the time, regardless of who else or what dialog must be sacrificed to secure that. Salvain (who also operates the Rector's restaurants as well as others) spent ,000 on the production end of ''The Spice of Life." The clothes look the money. : •-- Archie Cottier will team with his old part- ner. George Meyers has returned to the Water- son-Snyder-Berlln offices. Sullivan and Lynn Cowan are writing songs together, unattached. Maroia ARTIST COPY -* Tell That To The Marines Vatic by -MSAN SCHWARTZ * Al. -Ing now;— Thoao laughod and— said.- A - mcr - l-ca pos-ses«od no fight- log *tuff.__ (In • til our fight -Ing . ffi| p i J p ,1 p l j p 1 j^pffip J* ■ {jlf'^ l The first to fight on all the fight -Ing seencr;. NATIONAL (John Barrett, mgr.).— "Trail at the Lonesome Pine." OLYMPIC (Abe Jacobs, mgr.).— "Twin Beds," with Louis Bolton (2d week). — "The Beeman 8how." STUDEBAKER (Louis Judah, mgr,).— Will- iam T. PANTAGES THEATRE BUILDING I'hone (Automatlo) 15352 Marty Forkln B, who came here to start an agency with Billy Jackson, announces that the deal is off, and be left Instead for Salt Lake City as the representative of a syndicate of local and New York vaudeville men who have purchased a 51 per cent interest in a potential copper mine. Then there Is the Foy Family, largely to males, wltb one lad now In service.

3 after an illness of two days, and was buried Monday. Jordan, general manager of the Keith interests, and president of the The- atrical Managers' Association of this city, that as soon as he believed it conducive to public health he would lift the ban on the theatres. Jordan there seemed no hope for a resumption o/ business even ten days ahead. The girls do not belle the youth they have, and their voices blend after the fashion of girls who have yet to lose that freshotas undeniably characteristic of voices la tne growing. Miss Clayton Is not one bit stingy which was evidenced by the stage attention given to the supporting dancers. Hla "Moon" song and dance helped out the average noticeably, and Hack as a whole scored most successfully. Such results are built only upon con- centrated efforts. In due course the scheme might even be so expanded to take in the._rt S and their 'multifarious legitimate the- atrical activities. Among the .vaudeville houses only the Palace played to capacity at both Monday performances. There are about 35 in the company, including some principals. Stasny leaves next week lor an eight- week business trip to the coast Harry' Von Tl Uer has opened professional offices In Boston. Ben Black Is now professional manager for Sherman, Clay & Co. The numbers o( the "Maid of the Mountains" (Casino) have been listed by two firms, Harms and Feist. Krupp worktt that you bragged a-bout, you'll ravo of them no more Well change them to the. Chorus If you think that the- world be* long* to you.. f /Tell that— to the Ma- rlnek Tell thai to (ho Ma- rlnee Thoao Dov-ll-lng Hounde who know what fight- kg Xh om o Dov-il-lng Hounda who know what f Ight-lng means moans You are go -ing to lick the world, you eay you will. The first to fight on all i he fight -ing ecenca; 1 1 If you (hlnkyou'll sink our new boats, If you think the Yanknworitwhlrl lp. Copi/ri^hl JVCMXr/IT by U'u(t Tion, B«r Hn '& Snyder Qo-, Strand Theatre tilig? PRINCESS (Will Singer, mgr.).— Margaret IHington In "Eyes of Youth" (7th week). Powers, mgr.).— Ina Claire in "Polly With a Past" (5th week). "Tlnk" Humphreys accompanied him, and a lawyer from Tom John's office made It a trio. The Foys are really the beadliners, although the Liberty Loan and its Paullst Choristers are drawing the llon'e share of attention.

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