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At Rome, according to the Golden Legend he preserved the "cardinal of Angleria in Lombardy" by making the mark of the cross on his forehead, which miraculously remained.

Ministering at Piacenza he himself finally fell ill.

Saint Roch is a hagiographical doublet of a more ancient saint, Racho of Autun, Burgundy who died about 660.Pope Alexander VI (1492–1503) built a church and a hospital in his honor.Pope Paul III (1534–1549) instituted a confraternity of St. This was raised to an arch-confraternity in 1556 by Pope Paul IV; it still thrives today.According to Vico, the 1391 calendar of Voghera records a midsummer festival in honor of Sancti Rochi (Saint Roch of Montpellier, on 16 August) and not Sancti Rochonis (Racho of Autun, on 25 January), indicating the existence of two different saints.This information strongly suggests that a local cult and feast of Roch of Montpellier existed at least as early as 1391, starting in Voghera before Montpellier.

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