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At some point during their visit, the father may have glimpsed that the boy had an involuntary erection, or simply remarked on his recently sprouted pubic hair.

Hardly a world-historical event, but the boy was named Augustine, and he went on to shape Christian theology for both Roman Catholics and Protestants, to explore the hidden recesses of the inner life, and to bequeath to all of us the conviction that there is something fundamentally damaged about the entire human species.

For his grieving mother’s search for her son did not end at the harbor in Carthage.And yet, in remembering this moment, he allowed himself for once to express some anger toward his mother: “Her longing, which was physical, was taking a beating from the justified whip of sorrow.” The phrase Augustine uses for this longing——might seem more appropriate for a lover than for a mother.Monica had taken whatever was blocked or unsatisfied in her relationship with her husband and transferred it to her son. And the suffering that his escape visited upon her was, he reflects, her due as a woman: “these tortures revealed the vestiges of Eve she had within her, as with groans she searched for what she had given birth to with groans.”In Genesis, the consequence of Eve’s disobedience is twofold: women are condemned to bring forth children in pain and to yearn for the husbands who dominate them.There has probably been no more important Western thinker in the past fifteen hundred years.In the “Confessions,” written around 397, Augustine described what happened in the bathhouse many years earlier.

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