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If body cell receptors (acting like miniature doors) are “less sensitive” or resistant to insulin, when sugar-loaded insulin comes to deliver its cargo to a cell, the cell refuses entry.This results in excess sugars floating around the bloodstream.Simply put, breakfast gets one’s metabolism off to a good start and keeps the body more balanced all day long.A typical, politically correct, fat-phobic breakfast might include a refined-flour muffin, a glass of OJ, non-fat sweetened yogurt and, worst of all, an egg white omelet. Even if these continental- style breakfast choices are low in sugar, the scarcity of nourishing proteins and healing fats makes them miserable choices for nourishing a healthy body.This process combines high temperatures and high pressure, ultimately rendering many nutrients useless as well as damaging the residing proteins (or amino acids) within the grain and making them toxic to ingest.A third reason boxed cereals are a poor choice for breakfast is inadequate preparation, making the grains difficult to digest.

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.) Second, the process necessary to achieve these kid-enticing flakes, shapes and crunch is called extrusion.What a good motivator for your profession-aspiring teen: “If you are college-bound, eat breakfast!” Same goes for more mature folks: a group of adults aged sixty-one to seventy-nine years who consumed a nourishing breakfast of such whole foods as whole grains and eggs fared better on memory tests in the morning than when that same group ate sweetened cereals or doughnuts.Compared to breakfast-skippers, children and adults alike who adequately fuel up in the morning have more energy and better emotional stability and find it easier to maintain their body weight. Bottom line: to excel in whatever we do, whether it be school, work, play or relationships, we need breakfast to be at the top of our mental game.If you seek motivation to eat a good breakfast, keep reading; if you are stuck in a rut and in need of creative recipes, keep reading. Well-nourished students in Madrid who consumed an adequate breakfast (more than 20 percent of their daily energy) achieved better reasoning scores in the scholastic aptitude test (SAT) than did breakfast-skippers.

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